Fundamental research

Development of methodology and mathematical foundations of the quantitative evaluation processes of the sustainable development and the impact of global threats in global and regional contexts

Компонента якості життя людей

1. State registration number of the theme - 0111U001738, NTUU "KPI" - 2401-F.
2. Supervisor - prof., Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Zgurovsky Michael Z.
3. The essence of development, the main results.

The mathematical models and methods for planning and decision making in complex systems under uncertainty

1. Номер государственной регистрации темы – 0111U000740, НТУУ «КПИ» – 2400-ф.
2. Научный руководитель – д.т.н., проф. Pavlov Alexander A.
3. Суть розробки, основні результати.

Research methods to increase the capacity of telecommunication broadband radioaccess systems, taking into account the requirements for error-rate performance

1. State registration number: registration number of the university, NTUU "KPI" - 2406-F.
2. Supervisor: Ph.D., Associate Professor Kravchuk Sergii O.
3. The essence of development, the main results.

Methods of the organization of highly effective specialized repositories of scientific and educational purpose based on cluster computing technologies

1. State registration number, registration number at the university. State registration number 0110U000261, № registration at the university in 2300-f
2. Supervisor (degree, rank). prof. Grol V.V.
3. The essence of development, the main results.