Investigation of novel ultrawideband adaptive low-profile antenna arrays for future radioelectronic systems for dual applications

Novel method and technology of planar scanning ultrawideband antenna arrays for L-,S-, C- bands were developed. Attractive features of the arrays are wide angle scanning sector (up to ±45° in orthogonal planes), low level of cross-polar radiation, low active reflection losses (

Development and implementation of IT infrastructure management system with consolidated informational and computing resources

Сервер віртуалізації зі сховищем даних і комут аційним обладнанням та сервер додатків .

An efficiency, reliability and quality of IT infrastructure service delivery are increased at key stages of its life cycle, primarily at its operation and development stages, through the development and implementation of management system that provides the monitoring of system parameters taking into account the mathematical and information models and methods of analysis, structure synthesis and IT infrastructure operation management.

Development of radio with gigabit bandwidth terahertz range for ultra-high distribution of access networks

An experimental model of a digital radio link with a gigabit bandwidth is functional in the terahertz range, and which can be used in a new generation of ultra-high switching of mobile communication networks for transmitting and receiving digital data at a rate up to 1 Gbit / c in the frequency range 128 - 134 GHz range communication within 1 km.

Development and Research of Highly Efficient Architectures of Special Purpose Computer System for Implementing Computing in Finite Fields

The modified method window exponentiation elements of field GF(p), four algorithms implementing this method and software was proposed. The idea of the proposed method can be applied to the problem of scalar multiplication of points of an elliptic curve over an arbitrary finite field.

The development of methods of prolongation of high temperature elements operation of energetic and industrial equipments

In the energy sector of Ukraine there are a significant number of different power boilers, furnaces, drying, gas turbines etc., which exhausted their service life. The experience in the operation of such systems has shown that one of the problems of their functioning is a significant discrepancy between the actual and the calculated distribution of the heat flow in the combustion chamber. This results in thermal distortions in the equipment elements occurrence stresses and lead to crash.

Services processing technology with the integration of information resources in the operations support systems of communication enterprises

Система гібридного упра вління

The main scientific results are the services processing technology with the integration of information resources in the request service systems, that will allow significantly increasing the efficiency of technical resources in the provision of services to communication subscribers, allow for distributed processing of requests for user services and their billing, allow improving the quality of customer service and increasing the intelligence of service process.

The unified device for noise-immune transmission in high data rate radio relay and satellite communication channels

The results of research led to the creation of new types of standardized devices for interference-free data transmission in high-speed channels, microwave and satellite communication, which are the main technical and economic parameters exceed the available foreign analogues.
Unification is implemented as a range of frequencies used for (2 GHz, 5 GHz, 12 GHz, 130 GHz) and by type of radio channel (microwave and satellite).

Design principles of design of wireless sensor networks with self-organization to monitor environmental parameters

Макет вузла БСМ для дистанційного моніторингу температури та вологості за допомогою сенсорного датчика

It is proposed a theoretical and methodological basis for creating wireless sensor networks (WSN) monitoring of environmental parameters. Synthesized new WSN topology control algorithms. Formulated approaches to building the knowledge base (rules) to control the topology of WSN. An improved method of energy-efficient data aggregation in WSN, which uses a new way to reduce the energy use of individual nodes WSN by limiting their number for message transfer over the period of data collection.