Fundamental research

The theory of PDC-algorithms and creation on its base the models and methods of planning, decision making and operational management in networked systems with limited resources

Вигляд вікна мережної моделі задачі ранжирування проектів розробки програмного забезпечення

1. State registration number, university registration number: 0114U003432
2. Scientific supervisor: doctor of technical sciences, prof. Pavlov O.A.
3. The essence of the development, the main results:

Методы и средства Methods and means of increasing the efficiency of solving problems on the basis of reconfigurable computing facilities on the FPGAэффективности решения задач на основе перестраиваемых вычислительных средств на ПЛИС

Спеціалізований суперскалярний процесор з множиною реконфігурованих обчислювальних блоків під керівництвом обмеженої схеми потоку даних

1. State registration number, registration number at the university.
№ of the State registration number 0114U000547, registration number at the university 2711f.
2. Scientific supervisor (scientific degree, rank). Lutsky Georgy, doctor of technical science, professor.
3. The essence of the development, the main results.

Fundamentals of design and creation of heteroepitaxial structures of perovskite materials for instrument

The dependence of the concentration of lead and calcium Raman spectra (RS) films of lead titanate-calcium Pb1-xCaxTiO3 (PCT), it is determined that the substitution of Pb Ca on the general nature of the spectra does not change even when x = 0.45 Raman spectra correspond to tetragonal ferroelectric phase, which is implemented in pure PCT. It was revealed that the soft mode component A1(TO) in the film-lanthanum titanate lead Pb0.9La0.1TiO3 (PLT) has a frequency of 280 cm-1 and significantly shifted to lower frequencies with an increase in the content of La.