Developing effective methods of maintaining soil fertility in accordance with the paradigm of sustainable development.

Conducted theoretical experimental researches of forming process a lot of puffs crystalline amorphous nano- the structures formed by mass crystallization in the presence mykro- and makro- admixtures on the surface of dispersion phase in the dynamic dispersions systems.

Terms are certain formings and mechanism of formation of organic mineral hard compositions matters with a layer structure from the homogeneous and geterogeneous liquid systems.

The terms of conducting of continuous process of forming of organic mineral structures of hard compositions matters are certain with the set properties.

Mechanisms and character are set between phase co-operation in crystalline amorphous nano- structures hard organic mineral compositions matters the use of which will be instrumental in the decision of problem of keeping ecological balance in an agronomical sphere.

Kinetic descriptions of formation of hard organic mineral structures are certain on makro level during realization of continuous process of mass crystallization of the liquids systems in the discrete environments of chaotic structures.

The generalized model of formation of hard mineral gumus compositions matters is created with a layer structure taking into account stochastic nature of process.

As a result of researches structural technological bases of industrial vehicle are formulated for production of new generation of organic mineral fertilizers.

The tests agrotechnical researches of new fertilizers, conducted in the fields terms by the specialists of the National university of biological resources and use of nature of Ukraine, showed their high efficiency in accordance with the paradigm of steady development.