Rational Nature

Protection of surface water bodies against pollution by nutrients and heavy metal ions

New methods have been developed for sample preparation and analysis of heavy metal ions in water based on polarography, which provide an accuracy of 2-6 orders of magnitude higher than those known today. Methods for determining trace concentrations of heavy metal ions in water have been developed. New processes of separation and removal of ions of heavy metals, chromates and other anions from acidic and alkaline solutions have been studied and developed to produce metals and chemical reagents suitable for reuse.

Unmanned aircraft and spacecraft thermal imaging systems

A new model of information transformations was developed for remote thermal imaging from an aircraft or space vehicle. This model takes into account characteristics of background, targets, the optical system and the matrix detector, which allows us to explore ways to improve the technical characteristics of the system’s main blocks. The computational algorithms are based on spatial-frequency filtering in the signal propagation paths and allow performing the tasks of analysis and synthesis of systems with or without visual perception. The model is compatible with the current NATO standards.

Electrochemical device for the determination of sulfur dioxide in the air and process gas media

Електрохімічна  комірка  та  пристрій  для визначення SO2 в  повітрі  та  технологічних середовищах

Developed gas diffusion catalytically active 3D-electrodes based on valve metal having a two-level three-dimensional structure comprising a microporous composite electrocatalytic coating applied to a discontinuous basis, and a porous regular of the electrode structure, which may include both electrocatalytically active material, and a mixture of the latter with other disperse materials.

Obtaining of energy carriers from biodiesel waste, industrial waste water, microalgae Chlorella vulgaris and waste of its cultivation

Scientific and technological bases of renewable raw materials conversion in biohydrogen and biomethane were grounded; conditions of increasing of renewable raw materials conversion rate and energy production in the enzymatic separation process into two stages were defined. Rational technological parameters stages were determined. This allows forming highly effective microorganisms associations that are able to maximize the rate of different raw materials conversion and halve its duration. Rational technological parameters of biohydrogen (biomethane) obtaining were defined.

Development and application of new environmentally friendly technologies for producing of nanocellulose, products of chemical and pharmaceutical industries from non-woody plant materials

The influence of the basic technological parameters of traditional and organosolvent methods of cooking cellulose from stalks and fibers of non-wood plant material for its quality were investigated. The effect of alkaline extraction in quality microcrystalline cellulose from hemp fibers was determinated. The process of obtaining organosolvent hemp pulp was investigated. Depending quality parameters of microcrystalline cellulose to major technological factors was established. The technology of obtaining microcrystalline cellulose from hemp and flax fibers was developed.

Adaptive manipulator vibro and wave destruction of rocks and extraction of mineral resources

Created a new generation manipulator vibro and wave destruction of rocks. Human intervention is minimized in the process of applying the manipulator, and the efficiency is greatly increased due to the use of adaptive electro-hydraulic control systems and vibration protection systems on the basis of dynamic dampers and dissipative repulsive clathrates.

Complex application of unmanned aerial vehicles for the tasks of industrial and ecological reconnaissance

Modern complex control algorithms for group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are developed. Developed and implemented a control system for the integrated use of UAVs group through the use of machine vision systems. Worked out algorithms and guidance system means that are installed on board of each UAV. Proposed system calculates the spatial position of the leading UAV, that are converted into command signals for characterization end estimation of the changing in the spatial position of the leading UAV.

The synthesis of high effective silicate materials for water basin protection from radioactive contamination

Application of surface and colloid chemistry modern approaches enable to purposefully increase sorptive capacity and selectivity of materials based on clay minerals by the porous structure features regulation and nature active sorptive sites changes. Large exchange capacity of the clay minerals is their important peculiarity, which is associated with well-developed heterovalent isomorphism and also by Si - OH and Al - OH functional groups on the side faces of alumosilicate structure packages.