Rational Nature

Electrochemical systems for the determination of nitrogen oxide (II) for monitoring the air environment and for use in medical and biological research

Scientific knowledge was obtained regarding the kinetic complications of direct electrochemical oxidation of nitrogen oxide on metal modifications and the possibility of oxidation of nitrogen oxide by a homogeneous iodine-iodate mediator redox system in an aqueous solution was thermodynamically proven, the kinetic feasibility of which was experimentally proven due to the revealed exclusive selectivity of semiconducting titanium dioxide on the surface of the titanium base to halogen mediator reduction reactions.

Scientific bases of expansion of the fund of sources of water supply of the population, elimination of threats to national security of Ukraine in the ecological sphere

In the scope of the work, an analysis of the water supply of residents of the Donetsk region and other regions of Ukraine with natural and anthropogenic sources of water suitable for further processing was carried out, the chemical composition of waters of various origins was determined, and the possibility of their additional processing to provide consumer properties was determined. Possible methods of pre-treatment of water are proposed, which ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation of baromembrane installations.

Sensoric equipment for environmental monitoring and technological principles of water purification based on the novel nanodisperse adsorption materials

Technological bases for obtaining the latest adsorption nanomaterials: magnetically controlled sorbents, nanocomposites with catalytic and photocatalytic properties (TiO2, ZrO2, Ag2O, SnO2, MnO2, RuO2, Pt, Au, Ag, Co2O3) • Co3O. The mechanism and technological bases of the offered nanomaterials' interaction with substances - pollutants against the background of their multi-component mixes are revealed.

The use of electrolysis in the creation of waste-free water purification processes

Methods of water pre-treatment before baromembrane installations in order to remove the predominant amount of salts are proposed. The technological scheme of obtaining high-quality permiate in the amount of 90-95% of the initial volume of water during its preliminary stabilization treatment has been developed. The influence of various factors on the quality and yield of permiate has been established.

Optical-digital processor for thermal imaging surveillance systems image processing

This paper investigates ways to increase the efficiency of coherent optical spectrum analyzers (COSA). The increase in efficiency is achieved through usage of space-time discrete light modulator in the COSA input and through recording of the spatial spectrum with a matrix detector (MD). The matching of the parameters of the modulator, Fourier lens and MD allowed to improve the technical characteristics of COSA. The matching means the choice of parameters of COSA’s components, which allow to obtain improved characteristics of the COSA.

System for ultrasonic cavitation water treatment

A clear analysis of the efficient cavitation technologies and ultrasonic cavitation technological possession and the possible way to improve the efficiency of technological processes for the development of the stem of the cavitators with the high intensity of the ultrasound intensity
Found the main types of microorganisms, which can be present at the bacterially obstructed middle.
Carrying out prior microbiological follow-up to the flow of ultrasonic examination on microorganisms from the exemptions of the current acts.

Development of environmentally cleaner technologies for producing composite materials based on nanocellulose, microcrystalline and oxycellulose from domestic plant materials

It was found that cereal stems and industrial plant fibers contain more minerals than wood, which must be taken into account in the pulping process. The processes of cellulose production from stems and fibers of non-wood plant materials (NWPM) have been investigated with an ecologically safer organosolvent method of delignification using peracetic and performic acids. The influence of the main technological parameters of cooking on the quality indicators of theobtained pulp from NWPM is determined.

Development of thermal surveillance systems image quality criteria for different purposes and equipment for their determination

A comprehensive methodology for evaluating the efficiency of the functioning of the information environment, which includes a thermal imaging surveillance system (TPSS), installed on mobile carriers, such as drones, micro- and nano-satellites, has been developed. Basic scenarios for performing typical surveillance tasks are discussed, namely, finding, detecting, recognizing and identifying objects against the background of internal system noise, or noise whose energy brightness is described by Gaussian distribution.

Development of underground urbanism as a system of exploration of large cities' geo- resources

The risks of underground construction are estimated and the mechanism of structural failure due to dynamic effects from metro trains in conditions of sandy water saturated soils is established, which is associated with secondary subsidence of the metrotunnel during deformation of the soil base with the formation of a creeping prism, with different intensities of this process along the tunnel route.

Creating and characteristics research of university CubeSat format nano-satellites for remote observation of the Earth

The work is devoted to the creation of a nanosatellite (CdS) format Cubesat, 3U by developing, modeling and researching efficient service subsystems to provide a payload - an opto- electronic scanner with a capability of shooting in the range of up to 30 m when it operates in orbit at altitudes up to 700 km.
The above works are carried out by the students of the undergraduate, postgraduate students and research staff of the following faculties: TEF, PTF, FEL, FAA, PBF and MMI, as well as attract specialists of PJSC "Pivdenne" (Dnipropetrovsk) as consultants.