Electrochemical systems for the determination of nitrogen oxide (II) for monitoring the air environment and for use in medical and biological research

Scientific knowledge was obtained regarding the kinetic complications of direct electrochemical oxidation of nitrogen oxide on metal modifications and the possibility of oxidation of nitrogen oxide by a homogeneous iodine-iodate mediator redox system in an aqueous solution was thermodynamically proven, the kinetic feasibility of which was experimentally proven due to the revealed exclusive selectivity of semiconducting titanium dioxide on the surface of the titanium base to halogen mediator reduction reactions.

Research samples and technical descriptions were created: a three-electrode sensor with a titanium-titanium dioxide 3D electrode and a mediator iodine-iodate system for direct, direct and exclusively selective measurement of nitrogen oxide(II); - a sensor with mediator catalysis for the reduction of nitrogen dioxide for the reverse redox method was supplemented with a third, compensating electrode, and new scientific knowledge was obtained regarding the hardware compensation of the background current through the opposite inclusion of the currents of the working and compensating electrodes, due to which the total background current decreased by three times, and accordingly the lower limit decreased measurements. The developed sensors supplemented the catalog of sensors of the unified series KPI Igor Sikorsky.

Fundamentally new scientific knowledge about the kinetics of gas-phase reactions was obtained and it was shown that the oxidation of nitrogen oxide with chlorine encounters unexpected kinetic complications, despite the fact that with a weaker oxidant, oxygen, the reaction proceeds more easily, and for hydrogen sulfide in general, for the first time, it was possible to implement gas-phase coulometric titration with chlorine with fewer errors 5%. New scientific knowledge was obtained regarding the possibility and kinetics (kinetic graphical dependences) of the electrochemical spontaneous oxidation of nitrogen oxide on manganese dioxide in a system with solid heteropolysuric acid, as well as on finely dispersed potassium permanganate on a silica gel carrier, which in principle do not require drying of the gas sample, unlike the existing analogues A system for monitoring nitrogen oxide by the reverse redox method was created with a reference-free measurement of nitrogen dioxide formed by the preliminary oxidation of the gas to be determined in filter tubes with newly developed oxidizers that do not require drying of the gas sample; it was established that the created system provides a measurement error of less than 4% without any calibrations and verifications.

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