Highly efficient modification of the metal surface with environmentally friendly compounds to provide new functional properties

Obtained ecologically safe compounds (organic compounds from plant extracts) for the formation of a passivation layer and modification of metal surfaces that meet global trends in the concept of sustainable development of "green" chemistry and "green" economy for enterprises.

- For the first time anticorrosive and antiscalant properties of alcohol extracts of waste of agro-industrial complex are revealed. These properties are revealed, in particular, for rapeseed and radish extracts due to the presence of natural polymers in the extracts (isothiocyanates ~ 40%). The polymers form a protective layer on the metal surface, which acts as a barrier to the access of oxygen and ions of the hardness salts, and thus prevents corrosion and scale deposition.

- Developed composite mixtures of plant extracts (grape cake) with the content of carbofunctional alkoxysilanes, characterized by the ability to form "smart nanostructures" and provide high anti-corrosion properties of coatings. It is proved that the kinetics of the formation process can be "Self-Assembled". The thickness of the protective films is from 200 nm to 800 nm depending on the modifying reagent, the phase boundary in the systems: liquid / solid, gas-vapor phase / solid.

- The modes of ultrasonic treatment of the environment at which there is a strengthening of anticorrosive properties of carbonate deposits on a metal surface are established. In particular, it was found that ultrasonic treatment with an intensity of 2-4 W/cm2 during the formation of the sediment layer increases its protective properties by 3-5 times, reduces the duration of the formation of the protective layer by 2 times and reduces its thickness. Based on the obtained data, technological recommendations for ultrasonic treatment of industrial heat exchangers for protection against scale and corrosion have been developed.

- The installation to investigate antiscalant properties is developed that allows to analyze efficiency of reagents for prevention of scale formation, and also considerably accelerates duration of receiving result in comparison with known techniques. The use of the developed installation allows to evaluate both the antiscalant properties of the reagents and the blocking properties of the surface layers.

- The laboratory sample of the ultrasonic device for modification of surface layers on a metal surface for anticorrosive protection of heat exchange surfaces in the conditions of scale formation is developed.

Highly efficient modification of the metal surface with environmentally friendly compounds to provide new functional properties
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