The elaboration resourse saving ecology safe technologies of processing of vegetal raw material stems in confumer goods

Chemical composition and microscopic structure of stems of representatives of non-wood plant raw material were established, which allowed to prove the feasibility of processing them into production of pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and woodworking industries. Influence of main technological parameters (concentration, temperature and chemicals consumption) of obtaining pulp on quality indexes (yield, content of residual lignin, physical and mechanical properties) was studied. This allowed calculating adequate regression equations using mathematical methods of planning experiment. With further processing by method of multi criteria optimization using Harington’s generalized desirability functions optimal values of technological parameters of performing organosolv pulping were defined and quality indexes of non-wood pulp were received in optimum point.

Basing on previous investigations of organosolv liquors chemical composition technological schemes of components regeneration were created, allowing using them in closed cycle with significant decrease of chemicals consumption and industry wastes volumes. Feasibility of organosolv pulp from agricultural wastes bleaching using hydrogen peroxide without polluting chlorine compounds.

Composition of pulp and paper products using organosolv non-wood pulpproducts was defined, allowing obtaining different kinds of paper and cardboard with quality indexes, which meet the requirements of existing standards.

Optimal conditions of performing plant raw material prehydrolysis were defined and new technological schemes of obtaining microcrystal cellulose from non-wood raw material stems by organosolv pulping method and with usage of modified bleaching schemes and hydrolysis. It allowed to patent process of obtaining microcrystal cellulose from non-wood raw material stems by organosolv pulping method with required quality indexes.

Fuel briquettes samples obtained from stems of non-wood plant raw material meet the requirements of European standards in their physical and mechanical properties. Normative-technical documentation for production printing paper using bleached pulp from stems of non-wood plant raw material was developed.

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