Life Sciences

The improvement of the methods of the human capital development as a factor of increasing for Ukraine’s mobilization potential

The main threat for increase of the Ukraine’s mobilization potential is global tendence of liberalizetion of civil-military relations. The state structures should control the population to provide the mobilization activities. Unfortunately, it is not relevant to contemporary situation in Ukraine. The most of Ukrainian youth is not ready to protect its homeland or take part in other forms of defence.

Development of a new generation of non-invasive passive acoustic system for measuring critical physiological parameters of the human brain and inner ear

A new generation of non-invasive acoustic system has been developed for measuring critical physiological parameters of the brain and human inner ear snail, which includes: Dynamic, real-time, single-channel passive acoustic thermometer with focus, which records its own thermal acoustic radiation of the human body in the megahertz range, and is safe for it, and is intended for non-invasive determination of deep temperature of the human brain and snail of the inner ear of the human; Computer complex, with electroencephalograph and headsets, for determination of frequency and power of brain rhythms, and implementation of non-invasive acoustic method of therapy with the help of complex audio-signals.

Tools of asymmetric response to hybrid aggression in the humanitarian field

The problem of the scientific work is the absence of asymmetric response tools to the threats of the hybrid warfare in the areas of possible aggressive manifestations: in literature, media, cinema, history, psychology, public administration, diplomacy, relations with the diaspora. The absence of the established mechanisms and means of information confrontation threatens national security, territorial integrity, economic prosperity and sustainable development of the state.

The multifunctional hardware-software system of diagnostics, physiotherapy and surgery for equipment of fixed and mobile medical centers.

Development of technology and diagnostic equipment, low-frequency electromagnetic therapy and high-frequency electrosurgery for equipping stationary and mobile medical centers. An improved experimental sample of multichannel lowfrequency physiotherapy equipment has been developed. The device is an open type instrument capable of working with a wide range of different inductors in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 20 kHz and the intensity of the magnetic field in two ranges of 1...50 mTl and 10...500 mTl.

Supportive sustainable economic growth in Ukraine based on modeling the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators

Methodological approaches to determine the structural components of sustainable economic growth for the national economy and methods of measuring the level of sustainability of the administrative units, areas for significant periods of time. The analysis of the structure of quantitative and qualitative indicators to assess the status and dynamics of socio-economic development of regions and regions. Defined their relationship and the degree of impact on the operations and development of local systems and the economy.

Mathematical modeling and diagnostics of human condition, based on the analysis of pathogenic zones infrared radiation

As a result of comprehensive research on the intersection of two disciplines - opto-electronic engineering and medicine there was developed new computational methods of infrared evaluation of the biological object in a pathological area of the body, taking into account the temperature regulation of processes, which allows to determine the temperature distribution in the muscle tissue and the depth of the location of the areas of hypothermia.

Development of new generation of medical devices - broadband ultrasonic physiotherapeutic transducers with possibility of a simultaneous iontophoresis

The method of statistical independent global search is developed for determination of parameters of broadband piezoelectric transducers and its software. On its basis are coordinated in a broad band of frequencies of the characteristic of an electro-acoustic path of the therapeutic device and acoustic characteristics of a physical field of the human.

Portable multifunctional objective auditory screening system based on DSP and modern "network-on-chip" technology

Based on advanced DSP and "Network-on-Chip" (NoC) technology the measuring and computing tracts of portable the multifunctional objective auditory screening system intended to diagnose in the early stages of hearing impairment in children's contingent subjects, including infants, by methods multifrequency tympanometry, acoustic reflexometry and otoacoustic emissions developed.