Life Sciences

The multifunctional hardware-software system of diagnostics, physiotherapy and surgery for equipment of fixed and mobile medical centers.

Development of technology and diagnostic equipment, low-frequency electromagnetic therapy and high-frequency electrosurgery for equipping stationary and mobile medical centers. An improved experimental sample of multichannel lowfrequency physiotherapy equipment has been developed. The device is an open type instrument capable of working with a wide range of different inductors in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 20 kHz and the intensity of the magnetic field in two ranges of 1...50 mTl and 10...500 mTl.

Mathematical modeling and diagnostics of human condition, based on the analysis of pathogenic zones infrared radiation

As a result of comprehensive research on the intersection of two disciplines - opto-electronic engineering and medicine there was developed new computational methods of infrared evaluation of the biological object in a pathological area of the body, taking into account the temperature regulation of processes, which allows to determine the temperature distribution in the muscle tissue and the depth of the location of the areas of hypothermia.

The Multipurpose hardware and software system of non-invasive diagnostic with synergetic approach to therapies and with diagnostic and therapeutic sign validation

Макетний зразок три частотного вимірювача всіх параметрів повного опору провідникових об’єктів  на частотах 20, 100 і 500 кГц.

1. State registration number of complex research: 0112U003148. Number of registration at the university: a comprehensive research - №2532-p.
2. Supervisor comprehensive research: Professor Evgeniy Mathusky.
3. The essence of development, the main results.