Life Sciences

Development of technology of echoscreening of newborns for diagnostics of diseases of an ear

It is offered new complex mathematical model of an ear of the person which considers structurally-physiological properties of an ear of the newborn child that has allowed to carry out modelling of object of research and to reproduce procedures of passage and generation in it an echo-signals of otoacoustical emission. Ways of improvement are certain and is synthesized new patentable structure of echoscreener, that is achieved by realization of the wireless interface, use of modern DSP-technologies, the audiocodec, functional converters and development of the necessary software.

The modeling of pricing-made and creating of prognoses pricing models in Oil - Energetic complex of Ukraine

There are created a generalization, to organizational and economic mechanisms of functioning and held algorithmic description of the processes which are taking place in the market complex. There are proposed a theoretical and methodological positions that define the complex, struck-round pricing of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine, also a most acceptable model for its functioning on the nature and extent of state influence-Woo.

The ophthalmological refractometer for the aberrational intraocular lens transplantation and aberrational contact lens selection

For the purpose of eye aberration correction with the special contact lens or intraocular lens it is necessary to be informed about eye refraction aberrational component. This information can be acquired by using of device based on modified Foucault knife method. For this purpose we propose to use the optical-electronic system which allows to detect and fix the pupil plane isodiopter zones.