The modeling of pricing-made and creating of prognoses pricing models in Oil - Energetic complex of Ukraine

There are created a generalization, to organizational and economic mechanisms of functioning and held algorithmic description of the processes which are taking place in the market complex. There are proposed a theoretical and methodological positions that define the complex, struck-round pricing of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine, also a most acceptable model for its functioning on the nature and extent of state influence-Woo. Using historical and analytical and information materials to the price dynamics in the analysis of FEC of Ukraine, Factors that influence the formation of prices in the energy sector of Ukraine.

There are created a two pricing models for energy sector: a model of price behavior strategies of economic agents in the "energy market - Thermal power stations and forecast cost model the oil market.

In the energy market of Ukraine considered four options pricing strategies. Particular attention is paid to the determination of optimal strategies for agents of Energorynok GC-TPP in the certainty of external factors. The model is based on the oil market functions cost of petroleum products, which includes a period of time, "condition" the market this period, the current size of oil reserves, as well as regulatory action of government and garlands - updating / selling stocks, setting limit prices, and changes Tariffs and excise taxes.

To select the optimal behaviour of the state is considered more a seat-frying of action, different degrees of influence - from complete non-intervention, to establish costtion band.

There are created the software product for modelling and pricing of script-settlements of
Ukraine in the energy sector, calculations were made. These developments are strong competitiveness because of their novelty, the use of modern tools and compliance market fuel and energy. The recommendations and suggestions on improving mechanisms to ensure effective functioning of the energy sector of Ukraine.