Distributed systems for collecting experimental data on the basis of virtual IP-modules

A set of hardware and software for constructing distributed multi-channel microcontroller acquisition systems and processing of measurement information based on virtual measuring network networks supporting IP protocol, common digital interfaces, specialized CoAP/CoRE network protocols and flexible software configuration of measuring channels in a multitask environment is developed. An approach is proposed to construct systems for collecting and processing experimental data as a multilevel network of virtual measuring modules. The concept of a virtual measuring module as a generalization of the concept of an intelligent sensor and an information exchange module is proposed. The virtual IP-module is built as a network of physical information blocks with flexible configuration and IP-protocol support for an external network. The hardware and software of the network intelligent data acquisition modules based on the microcontrollers Texas Instruments and Silicon Laboratories have been developed. The hardware and software of measuring information processing in the environment of the real-time operating systems FreeRTOS and KeilRTX have been developed. Realized the functioning of virtual modules in the time allocation mode to reduce hardware costs and system costs. Support is provided for flexible software configuration of multi-channel logical sensors based on the specialized Web service CoAP/CoRE.

New technical solutions have been created and hardware and software have been created for constructing microcontroller virtual network measuring modules for collecting and processing experimental information supporting dynamic configuration and functioning based on embedded real-time operating systems, specialized Web protocols CoAP and Web services CoRE, remote Internet - access based on embedded technologies and data collection systems based on them.

The hardware and software complex provides developers with standard solutions and tools for creating distributed systems for remote collection and processing of experimental data based on specialized Web protocols. Using the built-in microcontroller means allowed to significantly reduce the cost of remote monitoring and Internet management, reduce the weight and dimensions of power consumption and systems compared to computer architectures.

Розподілені системи збору експериментальних даних на базі віртуальних ІР-модулів
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