New substances and materials

Development of technology and equipment for profiling of corrugated and ribbed tubes and creation of high-performance heat exchangers

The work is aimed at creation of high-efficiency heat regenerators of gas turbine units (GTU) of the gas transportation system of Ukraine. It is proposed to use highly effective heat exchange surfaces from the tubes of the spiral corrugated profile with high heat and aerodynamic characteristics for heat regenerators GTU, which will ensure a reduction of mass-dimensions by 30- 40% in comparison with heat exchangers made of smooth round tubes and an increase in the KPD GTU from 18-25% to 38-41%.

Elaboration of powerful gas-discharge electron gun for impulse deposition of multi-component and chemically-complex coatings

Conditions of forming of impulse electron beam in power triode high-voltage glow discharge electron gun with using low-voltage additional discharge are investigated theoretically and experimentally. By using simulation technique basic geometrical and energetic beam parameters with taking into account thermodynamic parameters of anode plasma are defined. Particularities of transporting and scanning of formed electron beam are also theoretically investigated.

Enhancement of laser processing results(alloying, cladding, rapid prototyping) by controlled characteristics of gas-powder stream

Experimental investigations of the influence of gas-powder mixture supply nozzles configuration on the efficiency of gas-powder laser cladding were conducted.
Nozzle designs that guarantee maximum efficiency and quality of laser cladding were

Development of the 2-axis Sun angular coordinates determination device based on the nanostructured silicon films for spacecrafts

Фотографія готового ПККС

The design of the 2-axis Sun angular coordinates determination device based on the
monocrystalline silicon and on the nanostructured silicon films have been developed.
Calculations of the design parameters of the sensors are given taking into account the linearization of the output characteristic based on the factors of the incident power loss with the incidence light angle increasing and the incidence angle dependence of the light spot displacement.

Development and research of the dampening solutions with anti-bacterial effects to use in packaging and other offset printing production

For the first time there were developed and researched dampening solutions having anti-bacterial effects, that provide normal quality indicators such as optical density on the imprint in range of 0,9-1,5±0,05-0,10, color deviations in range of 4-5, dot gain in range of 18-25 % of raster element on the imprint; and that provide lowering isopropanol alcohol contain down to 9-10 %.

Scientific and technical principles of designing equipment for molding products from polymeric compositions on account of their viscoelastic properties

Applied a comprehensive approach to modeling various stages of the process of extrusion - forming and cooling products to the changing rheology and melt viscoelastic effects in it, that affect the final product configuration. The methodological approach allows the numerical simulation of the formation of products from polymeric materials, design extrusion-forming equipment based viscoelastic deformation effects of products and make adjustments to the design and process parameters to achieve the form of products, more relevant given.

Development of methodological support and model sample of monitoring system based on the concept of Structural Health Monitoring

A study and development of methodological support structural monitoring of the technical state of metallic structural elements of complex spatial objects are carried out, the technical implementation monitoring system based on the concept of Structural Health Monitoring in mock sample is made. The simulation and physical models of complex spatial diagnostic object – the tank for storage of hazardous substances are given, the adequacy of models is confirmed.

Development of manufacturing technique of ceramic, metal-ceramic and metalopolimerceramic composite armor by using superstrength, superhard reinforced ceramic materials

The technology of manufacturing of ceramic and metal superstrength composites (40 GPa compressive strength) superhard (30 GPa) reinforced materials based on boron carbide and boride of titanium or aluminum, nanostructured B6O by hot pressing. It is established that changing technological parameters of hot pressing allows controlling chemical, phase composition and structure (grain size, the geometric dimensions of the reinforcing component).

Creation and investigation of high-speed spindels with clamping mechanisms on a modular principle for multi-axis machines of new generation

Theoretical studies of static and dynamic characteristics of the synthesized with the use of genetic-morphological approach high-speed spindle assembles for Electromechanical actuator clamping, tool clamping chuck.
Experimental studies of a prototype of a self-acting motor-spindle gear screw-nut, the results of which revised technical documentation. Developed recommendations of improvement of spindle assemblies and clamping mechanisms for multi-axis machines of new generation. Directions of further research have discribed.