New substances and materials

Creation of resource-saving processes and installations for isothermal viscoplastic molding of titanium alloys and powder materials of parts with thin-walled elements in mechanical engineering

The main processes of manufacturing unicycles are mechanical processing from a monolithic workpiece, which is highly labor-intensive for aluminum unicycles up to 200-250 hours, and for titanium 250-350 hours on CNC machines. The use of new knowledge reduces the labor intensity of production by 40-80%.

Development of innovative technologies for stamping shell casings for artillery shells for industrial enterprises of Ukraine

The project is designed to develop the latest, competitive technologies and designs of stamping equipment for the manufacture of artillery shells, which is relevant to increase Ukraine's defense capabilities. Technology development is performed in two directions. The first age includes increased productivity and cost reduction through the use of the latest developments in hot extrusion of hollow semi-finished products and hot and cold stamping by drawing with thinning and crimping at the end of operations.

Development of the basic principles of designing manipulators of mobile robots of special purpose adapted for work with dangerous objects

The concept of development of the theory of designing of manipulators of mobile robots on the basis of the put forward idea of division of processes into various groups - macroprocesses and microprocesses is offered. Effective theoretical methods of research of working processes on the basis of stochastic tensor fields, generalized functions and screw calculus adapted to the tasks of research of mobile robot manipulators are applied.

Development of technical recommendations for the creation of processes for the preparation of thermoplastic polymer composite materials and the formation of intelligent products from them

As a result of the work, a new technology for the production of intelligent polymer composite materials using sensors that provide the ability to obtain a sufficient level of information about the state of the polymer composition and products from them to manufacture on their basis responsible structural products.

Theoretical and practical grounds of quality assurance of intaglio printe

The project is aimed to solve an important scientific and technical problem of ensuring the quality of protected printed products from counterfeiting: creation of scientific bases for color layers formation for metallographic printing (intaglio printing), which is the main type of printing for production securities, including banknotes. Based on theoretical and experimental research of, the scientific principles of purposeful quality management for products protected from counterfeiting have been developed.

Creation of methods for plastic shaping of structures from a new welding alloy of the Al - Mg - Transition metals - Rare earth elements system with high mechanical properties for aerospace engineering

Methods have been developed to ensure high mechanical properties during plastic forming of structures of a new welding alloy of the Al - Mg- Transition Metals - Rare earth elements system for aerospace engineering. A two-stage approach to deformation has been developed, when at the first stage deformation is performed under conditions of large shear deformations for a more uniform redistribution of phase components and a decrease in the size of the grains - homogenization of the material due to mechanical action, and at the second stage - the formation of the structure.

Scientific and technical principles of creating devices for contact welding of biological tissues by DC pulses

According to the results of research work, the conditions for obtaining high-quality compounds in the process of contact welding of biological tissues with electrical pulses are determined. The dependences of the quality indicators of welded joints on the used form of welding pulses, which is characterized by the law of change of current (or power), amplitude and duration, are analyzed.

Development and investigation of powerful glow discharge electron gun for applying in the technology of obtaining of refractory and chemically active metals

Today, the necessity of development highly productive and metal-saving equipment for electron-beam melting of refractory and chemically active metals is stimulated by the needs of nuclear, aviation, space technology, chemical technology and the electronics industry in highly pure metals and alloys that retain high strength at high temperatures, chemical resistance and required electrical parameters. Electron beam vacuum melting is the most efficient way to obtain such materials.

Development of a method for predicting carrying capacity and temperature stability of space vehicles platform

A simulation model was developed for the first time. That model takes into account variable temperature gradients, the scheme of reinforcement of multilayer PCM under conditions of complex dynamic and vibration load. For the first time, a phenomenological model of scattered destruction of anisotropic structural materials was developed. The main thermopower parameters of the operational load and the anisotropy coefficient were taken into account. A new method for estimating the strength of bolted joints of composite panels has been developed.

Computer-integrated systems for the design and manufacture of complex shapes based on modern generation of surface processes

In the course of work on the basis of the developed theory of interactive methods of control of formation of a difficult surface: by placement of an initial surface by means of functional dependences of geometry of a surface and parameters of space, the software integrating with CAD / CAM systems, namely the COPTeR software for space management is developed.