New substances and materials

Development of the eco-efficient and resource-saving technology for obtaining and finishing of wear-resistant parts based on waste silumins for printing machines

Developed environmentally efficient and resource-saving technology for producing and finishing fundamentally new wear-resistant composite parts for use in nodes of post-printing equipment based on the grinding of waste aluminum alloys - silumins with solid lubricant (or without) allows to manufacture new parts that wear resistance significantly exceed the known parts which operatt in similar conditions. Developed technology is based on the use of powder metallurgy processing steps in combination with precision machining of the friction parts’ working surfaces.

Twist drills computer aided design

A new information-aided design software twist drills increased efficiency and effectiveness are described. Design of twist drill with special conditions and increased efficiency realised by through integration stages of design and analysis of the results and technological support manufacturing and control.

A new electronic classifier twist drills allows selected criteria to select and design the necessary design drills that will ensure the required quality and performance of the treated surface treatment for specified processing conditions.

Technological bases of grinding of non-rigid details with a comhlex surface

For implementation of work the engineers of method of computer simulation of cutting processes are used at grinding, methods of mathematical models on the base of methods of planning of experiments, method of evaluating on of exactness and quality of the machining detail. All of model experiments was conducted on the modernized CNC machine-tool 3М152МВФ3, which was equipped the system CNC Siemens

Scientific and technological bases of receipt and treatment of the effective adapted blanks at the complex use of processes of local orbital forging

An important scientific and technical task, related to creation of conception of complex application of processes of local deformation in a technological sequence from the receipt of the effective adapted purveyance to making of eventual detail with the minimum level of final treatment with a layer metal and providing of the improved mechanical properties due to modification of structure of material, is decided; by development of new technologies of receipt of circular purveyances which have necessary correlations of sizes and fall under determination of the effective adapted purveyance; b

Development of effective technologies based on modern automated operating systems of quality control instrument manufacturing products

Created the system of technical diagnostic process machining turning on machine tool with numerical program control, allowing you to automatically control the quality parameters of the process, to obtain from him all necessary information about the technical condition and automatically make the necessary decisions. The general methodology for diagnosing, set parameters as turning process, and selected satellite as a diagnostic feature that meets processing and displays the technical condition of the process and the equipment on which it is implemented.

Development of IR methods and (the technological control systems) means of process monitoring of humidity of cellulose – paper materials under high-temperature conditions of production

Essence of development consists in creation of new optical method and mean of continuous technological control of humidity of cellulose paper materials in the conditions of high temperatures of production on the base of researches of descriptions of admission and absorption in an infra-red range.

Creation of control and measuring system for support of ultrahigh accuracy at production of precision details of devices

Created: technical proposals for making new control and measuring system to support ultra-high precision manufacturing of parts in the instrument-making industry, which provides precision machining of metal and extension of the automated milling equipment with CNC type CNC; new integrated control and measuring tools, the use of which enhances the precision coordinate measurement surface touching the tool to the workpiece during processing due regard to spatial errors, which allows a significant reduction of process cycle measurement; principles for determining the dynamic loads on equipment

Development methodology prediction structure and properties of the metal in the casting of iron-based alloys with high chromium content

The main idea of the scientific and technical work is that based on the analysis of operation of cast parts, made of steel with a high chromium content and used at high temperatures, corrosive media and corrosion, own research findings, influence of chromium on the structure and properties of iron, its definition the best content in the metal, which would provide the necessary structure and properties, smelting technology and the creation of the necessary conditions of crystallization in the form given its properties.

Investigation of the dynamic properties of the newest semicoductor nanomaterials and nanocomponents

This work is devoted to research of nanomaterials and nanostructures for creation of super-high speed and THz micro- and nanoelectronics components. Using of III-nitride wide gap materials opens new possibilities for creation on their basis low-dimensional semiconductor structures, which combine possibilities to get more fast-acting and more powerful electronic devices in comparison with existent A3B5 devices.