Development of IR methods and (the technological control systems) means of process monitoring of humidity of cellulose – paper materials under high-temperature conditions of production

Датчики вимірювальної системи вимірювальної системи технологічного контролю параметрів паперового полотна.

Essence of development consists in creation of new optical method and mean of continuous technological control of humidity of cellulose paper materials in the conditions of high temperatures of production on the base of researches of descriptions of admission and absorption in an infra-red range.

The correlation (statistical) analysis of communication of descriptions of humidity and superficial closeness of paper is conducted. Apрroximating analytical dependences between these parameters are determine, the method of processing of informative signals is developed, the mutual influencing of humidity and superficial density is taken into account in which. Built algorithm of the optical measurings.

Built, adjusted on the mutual influencing, calibration curve of humidity and superficial density on the basis of the joint gravimetric and optical measurings. Thus, in quality to the standard of humidity of matters the used standards of imitators of humidity, developed and patented by us for the removal of errors of nominal calibration curve of moisture meter.

The offered new optical method allows to define not only the amount of moisture in a standard but also amount of dry matter (celluloses). Before it was carried out by gravimetric measurements, a laboratory method. New method allows to pass from the technological control, exactness of which depends on experience and qualification of operator, to the objective control, based on the developed method of correction of calibration curve of humidity and superficial density which is stopped up in the program of the measuring system.

The measuring optical technological checking of humidity and superficial density system in the conditions of high temperatures of production is developed . At high temperatures is achieved its capacity by the use first of vortex tube for cooling of measuring area with the sensors of control. The tests in the conditions of industrial production confirmed its fitness for the technological control with parameters which answer the modern technical requirements.

Numerous factors which influence on the error of measuring in a technological stream and methods and facilities of their removal are developed are determine and taken into account. The technological checking system of parameters of humidity and superficial density of paper materials allows to promote exactness of their joint measuring: from 0,5% to 0,35% for humidity in a range (0 – 8)% absolute humidity and from 2% to 1,8% for a superficial density.

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