Voronov S.A.

Воронов Сергій Олександрович - д.т.н., професор, завідувач кафедри Прикладна фізика


Physical principles of creation of new elements of optically-electronic devices on a base mono- and nanoсrystallical silicon carbide

Physical and technological problems of creation of optical radiators and photodetectors, which use the phenomenon of electrical breakdown for its application in optical-electronic devices, are investigated. The usage of silicon carbide with its super-unique properties allows to solve the actual problem of creating of radiation stable, high temperature element basis for the systems of atomic industry, nuclear energy, military and space techniques.

Fundamentals of design and creation of heteroepitaxial structures of perovskite materials for instrument

The dependence of the concentration of lead and calcium Raman spectra (RS) films of lead titanate-calcium Pb1-xCaxTiO3 (PCT), it is determined that the substitution of Pb Ca on the general nature of the spectra does not change even when x = 0.45 Raman spectra correspond to tetragonal ferroelectric phase, which is implemented in pure PCT. It was revealed that the soft mode component A1(TO) in the film-lanthanum titanate lead Pb0.9La0.1TiO3 (PLT) has a frequency of 280 cm-1 and significantly shifted to lower frequencies with an increase in the content of La.

Development of IR methods and (the technological control systems) means of process monitoring of humidity of cellulose – paper materials under high-temperature conditions of production

Датчики вимірювальної системи вимірювальної системи технологічного контролю параметрів паперового полотна.

Essence of development consists in creation of new optical method and mean of continuous technological control of humidity of cellulose paper materials in the conditions of high temperatures of production on the base of researches of descriptions of admission and absorption in an infra-red range.

Theoretical substantiation of principles of construction of the diagnostic medical equipment and technology of its application

Електрохімічний сенсор парціального тиску кисню

A modern design concept of diagnostic medical equipment based on the focusing diffractive optical elements (DOEs). There were developed new methods for the determination of boundaries and the profile of the DOE for an arbitrarily given intensity, amplitude and phase of the optical field. A new method of determining the phase and energy transformations in the DOE in different diffraction orders. We propose a method of designing multifocal intraocular achromatic DOE bifocal type.