Theoretical substantiation of principles of construction of the diagnostic medical equipment and technology of its application

A modern design concept of diagnostic medical equipment based on the focusing diffractive optical elements (DOEs). There were developed new methods for the determination of boundaries and the profile of the DOE for an arbitrarily given intensity, amplitude and phase of the optical field. A new method of determining the phase and energy transformations in the DOE in different diffraction orders. We propose a method of designing multifocal intraocular achromatic DOE bifocal type. A new method for assessing the quality of images created multifocal DOE in the presence of background based on the diffraction efficiency of non-working order. The design methods for achromatic and highly effective DOE to work in a wide spectral range were proposed. We obtain a new aberration model for nonparaxial DOE and developed methods for correction of monochromatic aberrations as monochromatic and polychromatic optical systems.

A new concept of scientific and reasonable principles of design of medical diagnostic devices and technologies for their application based on multi-diagnostic device (MDD) to control the main parameters of the circulatory system and assessing the viability of living organisms by controlling the partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) and carbon dioxide (pCO2) in the subcutaneous tissues in-vivo, measurement of oxygen (O2) in exhaled air, and biological environments in-vitro, as well as control the level of pH (pH). The structure and circuit solutions MDD, specialized sensors pO2, pCO2 and pH in biological media, reviewed algorithmic and software solutions with a combination of sensor data processing means. The optimal location for O2 sensor on the integument of a biological object (BO). The technique of using sensors to monitor the O2 content in exhaled air.

The basic principles of effective means of transcutaneous kysnemetriyii through the use of multi-bitmap matrix O2 sensors analyzed the influence of heat sources on the distribution of temperature field scanning matrix and determine their optimal configuration. The assessment of the functional state of BO performance based vascular system and pH level. Developed assessment of vital functions of living organisms and biological environments. The proposed non-invasive technology allows it to obtain valuable research time and accurate information about the basic integral indicators of the functional state of the organism.

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