Development of the basic principles of designing manipulators of mobile robots of special purpose adapted for work with dangerous objects

The concept of development of the theory of designing of manipulators of mobile robots on the basis of the put forward idea of division of processes into various groups - macroprocesses and microprocesses is offered. Effective theoretical methods of research of working processes on the basis of stochastic tensor fields, generalized functions and screw calculus adapted to the tasks of research of mobile robot manipulators are applied.

Dispersion-stabilized hydrocarbon oligomers and their potential for nanospintronics

Spectral, thermal and electronic properties of a new class of hydrocarbon-based materials diamondoid oligomers was investigated. The methods for the selective functionalization of lower and higher diamondoids were developed. Methods of association lower diamondoids in lower oligomers have been developed. X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric spectra of lower diamondoid oligomers were made. We propose a model that adequately accounts the effects of dispersion interactions in diamondoid oligomers for their physicochemical characteristics.

Theoretical substantiation of principles of construction of the diagnostic medical equipment and technology of its application

A modern design concept of diagnostic medical equipment based on the focusing diffractive optical elements (DOEs). There were developed new methods for the determination of boundaries and the profile of the DOE for an arbitrarily given intensity, amplitude and phase of the optical field. A new method of determining the phase and energy transformations in the DOE in different diffraction orders. We propose a method of designing multifocal intraocular achromatic DOE bifocal type.