Technological bases of grinding of non-rigid details with a comhlex surface

For implementation of work the engineers of method of computer simulation of cutting processes are used at grinding, methods of mathematical models on the base of methods of planning of experiments, method of evaluating on of exactness and quality of the machining detail. All of model experiments was conducted on the modernized CNC machine-tool 3М152МВФ3, which was equipped the system CNC Siemens.

In basis works were stopped up two scientific and technical ideas.

The first consists in creation of new machine-tool devices as automatically rests, which will allow to track a variable on length of detail diameter, support a workpiece at the change of its diameter in a wide range and provide necessary rigidity at grinding of mounting of small inflexibility with a complex profile on a CNC machine-tool. This rests execute support of detail of small inflexibility (attitude of length toward a diameter arrives at 80..100) in the place of cutting and automatically react on changing of diameter of cross-sectional of mounting.

The second consists in development new systems of the computer aided manufacturing for preparation of the program control, which will realize an optimum rate of cutting. The system of the automated programming is structured after the already tested principles: presentation of digital models of allowance and detail in form digital arrays, design of process of cutting away of allowance at grinding, decision of optimization task with the use of maximum algorithm of material removal rate.

In addition, for the evaluation of exactness of form the special software which is able to determine basic geometrical parameters (beating, deviation of profile from set, deviation from a roundness etc.) on results the digital file of measuring on a machine-tool by measuring device Heidenhain was developed.

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