Technological bases of grinding of non-rigid details with a comhlex surface

For implementation of work the engineers of method of computer simulation of cutting processes are used at grinding, methods of mathematical models on the base of methods of planning of experiments, method of evaluating on of exactness and quality of the machining detail. All of model experiments was conducted on the modernized CNC machine-tool 3М152МВФ3, which was equipped the system CNC Siemens

Development of theory of designing for machine tools of new composition on basis of system’s analysis and synthesis of mechanisms with parallel structure

Conception of planning and arrangements of machine-tools of new generation is offered, the basic features of which followings:

-  The genetic going is near classification, description, evolution of development and prognostication of machine-tools as to the difficult technical systems of prirodno-antropogenogo origin.

-  The multilevel morphological going is near a construction and synthesis of the difficult technical systems.

-  Application of framework thecal constructions of the bearings systems.

-  Aggregate-module principle of arrangements.