Петраков Ю.В.

Innovative technologies and machine tool equipment for highly productive cutting by cutting modern structural materials

When implementing the project, a comprehensive research structure was applied, in which the choice of a specific type of research was determined by the goals and objectives that were solved at individual stages of its implementation. First, when developing mathematical models of the processes of shaping by cutting, an approach based on numerical and simulation modeling was used, and experimental design methods and regression analysis were used to determine some empirical parameters of the models.

Adaptive control system for CNC machine-tools

In the process of scientific research the engineers developed on the department of mechanical engineering and manufacturing are utilized theoretical bases of creation of the systems of adaptive control cutting processes, methods of scientific researches which are based on basic principles of theory of automatic control, design of processes of milling and lathe machining, including, imitation simulation, methods of treatment of results of experiments.

Technological bases of grinding of non-rigid details with a comhlex surface

For implementation of work the engineers of method of computer simulation of cutting processes are used at grinding, methods of mathematical models on the base of methods of planning of experiments, method of evaluating on of exactness and quality of the machining detail. All of model experiments was conducted on the modernized CNC machine-tool 3М152МВФ3, which was equipped the system CNC Siemens

Development of computer-aided of technological machining operations of complex surfaces on machine-tools with CNC

Conception of optimum control machining is first developed on a machine-tool with CNC on a priori information through system of the automated preparation of the programs depending on the conditions of cutting in the direction of shape-generating co-ordinate and time of machining. The presence of optimum depth of cutting is well-proven at multi-pass machining, that allowed to formalize the task of planning of trajectories on draft machining and task optimization of the cutting mode.