The integrated shaper of high-speed dataflows and TV for digital modernization of radiorelay lines

Структурна схема передачі цифрових потоків по аналогових РРЛ типу «Курс-4»

Development of integrated shaper of high-speed dataflows and television taking into account the terms of the use of equipment on the operating radiorelay lines of multiintervals of Ukraine, which need modernization.
For modernization (digital modernization) the combined digital-analog modulation is offered, thus digital modulation plays the role of primary modulation, and analog in quality secondary. The economic winning is basic advantage of the use of the combined modulation modulation of n -CAM/of ЧМ subject to condition the use of present equipment of analog lines and achievement here of minimum spectral efficiency. The method of estimation of influencing of the unregulated factors of analog radiorelay line (that is subject modernization) is offered on the parameters of communication channel. Influence of different factors and weekend of information is analysed on configuration of shaper of high-speed dataflows and TV. Created and made model of equipment of shaper, his test is conducted, including on the operating radiorelay lines of multiintervals. Developed instruction on exploitation on created integrated shaper and methodical recommendations relative him subsequent introduction on radiorelay lines on the base of the offered criterion of transition of equipment from basic on a reserve barrel for achievement of corresponding to the standards quality of information transfer.