Development and research of the two-phase medium-temperature thermosyphon for the implementation of the waste streams heat recovery in the pumping units of the gas pipeline

Макет модулю установки утилізації теплоти викидних потоків газів

Gas compressor units operate with large thermal emissions (up to 20 MW), high temperature (300 ° C or more) and, at the same time, they require a considerable amount of electricity for the maintenance of the own pumping stations equipment of the Ukrainian gas pipeline. Recycling streams from the high pumping units and outgoing heat conversion into electric energy can be carried out using thermoelectric generators.

Dewelopment of powerful self-reactance emitter of sound is for creation of the local acoustic field of high intensity

Powerful self-reactance emitter of sound of mobile type which creates the voice field of high intensity on the set distance and in the narrow sector of corners that technology of forming of the acoustic field by the use of багатоелементних фазованих arrays. The effective ultrasonic transformers of flexural and electrostatic types which can be a base for creation of багатоелементної powerful HEADLIGHTS are developed. Acoustic pressure is got from the 1th emitter (125 – 135) of дБ in the distance a 1 mcode, what fully sufficiently for creation of багатоелементної HEADLIGHTS.

Development and investigation on the newly profiled heat pipes application to solar collectors with selective coating of the absorber

Загальний вигляд діючих макетів сонячних колекторів, виготовлених з профільних алюмінієвих теплових труб

Extruded aluminum heat pipes are the subject of the development, simulation, and experimental study; and solar collector with applied Ukrainian made extruded aluminum heat pipes is the object of the development. The aim of the development consists in the creation of the principally original domestic solar collector design, where highly efficient heat absorber made of aluminum heat pipes with selective coating is used…

Development of an undestracting tomographic means for complex impedance and structural parameters of spatially spased nonmutual objects definition.

Methodological and engineering bases for definition internal structure and condition of nonreciprocal spatially distributed objects or their parts by means of an evaluation of a directional distribution of complex electric impedance are developed. New methods of diagnostic and the concept of construction of systems on their basis are developed.

The ophthalmological refractometer for the aberrational intraocular lens transplantation and aberrational contact lens selection

Макет вимірювача абераційної рефракції ока - загальний вигляд установки

For the purpose of eye aberration correction with the special contact lens or intraocular lens it is necessary to be informed about eye refraction aberrational component. This information can be acquired by using of device based on modified Foucault knife method. For this purpose we propose to use the optical-electronic system which allows to detect and fix the pupil plane isodiopter zones.