Dewelopment of powerful self-reactance emitter of sound is for creation of the local acoustic field of high intensity

Powerful self-reactance emitter of sound of mobile type which creates the voice field of high intensity on the set distance and in the narrow sector of corners that technology of forming of the acoustic field by the use of багатоелементних фазованих arrays. The effective ultrasonic transformers of flexural and electrostatic types which can be a base for creation of багатоелементної powerful HEADLIGHTS are developed. Acoustic pressure is got from the 1th emitter (125 – 135) of дБ in the distance a 1 mcode, what fully sufficiently for creation of багатоелементної HEADLIGHTS. The model standard of self-reactance emitter of sound is developed and created on the base of pair of ultrasonic emitters of flexural type, the followings parameters are got: acoustic pressure on frequency of накачки – 135 дБ, acoustic pressure on різнецевій frequency – 90 дБ. The unique program of synthesis and visual recreation of the voice field is developed, that allows to carry out both the design of work of HEADLIGHTS and management the voice field of PPVZ. The program enables an operator to see the acoustic field and accordingly to make a decision for a management an acoustic situation. The program is written with the language of Veb-сервер-додаток, Web-App. Supported браузеры: Google Chome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari language. The feature of this program is possibility practically real-time calculation of the voice field (acoustic pressure) both in the area of Frenel (area of fellow creature) and in the area of Fraungoffera (distant area).

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