Adaptive control system for CNC machine-tools

In the process of scientific research the engineers developed on the department of mechanical engineering and manufacturing are utilized theoretical bases of creation of the systems of adaptive control cutting processes, methods of scientific researches which are based on basic principles of theory of automatic control, design of processes of milling and lathe machining, including, imitation simulation, methods of treatment of results of experiments. For the lead through of experimental researches the equipment of training center NTUU «KPI» - HAAS was utilized, created on the department of mechanical engineering and manufacturing, including milling CNC-machine MF-3 HAAS, bars-simulators of firm HAAS, proper cutting instrument.

At implementation of NIR the basic ideas of project are realized, the new modern instrument control of cutting process is namely created on CNC-machine, which on-line regulates the cutting mode, initially written in the program control on the basis of current information about his motion with the purpose of stabilizing on cutting power at optimum level automatically. The system of adaptive control, which consists of programmatic part and vehicle module which carries out a control a serve through encoder corrections in the CNC module, is created. Programmatic part provides a feed-back communication channel, regulator and block of determination of the optimum mode of machining. As a result the productivity of the contour milling rises no less what in 2 times at the complete providing of quality.

Providing of reverse communication channel also allows to execute the round-the-clock monitoring of functioning of CNC-machines through wireless connection of Wi-Fi, or network of Internet with fixing of information in a server.

Процес фрезерування в ході експериментальних досліджень
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