Development of effective technologies based on modern automated operating systems of quality control instrument manufacturing products

Created the system of technical diagnostic process machining turning on machine tool with numerical program control, allowing you to automatically control the quality parameters of the process, to obtain from him all necessary information about the technical condition and automatically make the necessary decisions. The general methodology for diagnosing, set parameters as turning process, and selected satellite as a diagnostic feature that meets processing and displays the technical condition of the process and the equipment on which it is implemented. According to the research created a prototype system diagnostics based CNC lathe type TPK-125M, practical recommendations for implementation of technical diagnostics in the workplace.

Solved the problem of improving process performance end mills Milling case parts, which have a large number of complex surface profile with providing the required accuracy and quality parameters of the surface layer by developing adaptive control system during the cutting process. The structural and functional circuit processing and process control are its transfer function, the choice of equipment for the practical implementation of process control systems milling, established experimental model adaptive control system quality milling thin-walled parts and practical recommendations for its implementation in instrument-making industry.

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