Діагностика технічного стану

Development of effective technologies based on modern automated operating systems of quality control instrument manufacturing products

Created the system of technical diagnostic process machining turning on machine tool with numerical program control, allowing you to automatically control the quality parameters of the process, to obtain from him all necessary information about the technical condition and automatically make the necessary decisions. The general methodology for diagnosing, set parameters as turning process, and selected satellite as a diagnostic feature that meets processing and displays the technical condition of the process and the equipment on which it is implemented.

Development of the generalized lifetime prediction method for composite structural elements at complex low-cycle loading with damage

The main result of work consists in development new physical equations theory of cyclic elastic-viscos-plasticity at complex technological and operational thermo-power loading; methods of theoretic-experimental lifetime calculation new products and residual lifetime definition of the responsible high-loaded designs elements machine-building complex different function at a stage of their operation.

Development of an undestracting tomographic means for complex impedance and structural parameters of spatially spased nonmutual objects definition.

Methodological and engineering bases for definition internal structure and condition of nonreciprocal spatially distributed objects or their parts by means of an evaluation of a directional distribution of complex electric impedance are developed. New methods of diagnostic and the concept of construction of systems on their basis are developed.