Rumbeshta Valentyn O.

Development of effective technologies based on modern automated operating systems of quality control instrument manufacturing products

Created the system of technical diagnostic process machining turning on machine tool with numerical program control, allowing you to automatically control the quality parameters of the process, to obtain from him all necessary information about the technical condition and automatically make the necessary decisions. The general methodology for diagnosing, set parameters as turning process, and selected satellite as a diagnostic feature that meets processing and displays the technical condition of the process and the equipment on which it is implemented.

The application of modern information technology to create intelligent technology systems and technologies, and the creation of means to improve manufacturing quality products

An integrated system that will use modern information technology in solving technological preparation is developed. For its implementation at the system level, new approaches using information technology, consisting in the choice of new methods for modeling and optimization, which can most effectively solve any technological problem, reduce the time s technological preparation to improve its quality.

Development of integrated technology systems based on modern information technology and automatic control systems of product's manufacturing quality

Developing of information-parametric model for turning and determining its basic parameters that define its normal operation and is closely related to the quality process, helped to create a mathematical model of the cutting process and dynamic phenomena occurring in it. On this basis, the main characteristics of the process of turning and stability parameters list, which in its inevitable growth leading to loss of dynamic stability of machine processing and quality products.