Development of integrated technology systems based on modern information technology and automatic control systems of product's manufacturing quality

Developing of information-parametric model for turning and determining its basic parameters that define its normal operation and is closely related to the quality process, helped to create a mathematical model of the cutting process and dynamic phenomena occurring in it. On this basis, the main characteristics of the process of turning and stability parameters list, which in its inevitable growth leading to loss of dynamic stability of machine processing and quality products. Based on these developments established methods of technical diagnostics for the quality and reliability of the turning and cutting tools, as well as the parameters of the onset of symptoms of possible failure for the machinability process of machining. An automatic diagnosis system of the turning quality on a CNC machine model TPK-125, where computer system for analysis of the machining process was integrated in the control system was created.

The technological system that integrates using of ionized gas environment and tools coated multi-purpose and is the basis for the creation of high-performance dry cutting technology without compromising the effectiveness of standard cutting lubricating chilling technological environment (LCTE). Found that to compensate for the cooling effect LCTE necessary to use active gas medium capable of penetration into the contact zone and increase the heat out of cutting into the environment. Proposed to compensate for the effects of oil application LCTE of multilayer composite coatings containing in its construction surface active layers and layers of components that can interact with the active gas medium and form a solid antifriction lubricant enhancing effects surface active layers to reduce friction, heat loads on the cutting tool and formed the work piece surface.

The integrated technological system based on the methods of multivariate statistical analysis, which allows you to automate the processing of information technology that implements the task compression arrays initial technological information, classification and pattern recognition was developed. Unlike existing systems for statistical data processing system is established problem-oriented, easy to use and does not require significant resources usage. Methods used factor and component analysis and multivariate scaling, classification and pattern recognition, belonging to the system, can significantly simplify problem solving technological preparation of production by reducing attribute space is 3 - 5 times without loss of information content, reduction of information processed, grouping objects by a set of design and technological features and find analogues to reduce time and solving the technological problems in 1.2 - 2 times, and improve the quality of the obtained solutions.

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