The application of modern information technology to create intelligent technology systems and technologies, and the creation of means to improve manufacturing quality products

An integrated system that will use modern information technology in solving technological preparation is developed. For its implementation at the system level, new approaches using information technology, consisting in the choice of new methods for modeling and optimization, which can most effectively solve any technological problem, reduce the time s technological preparation to improve its quality. Proposed and implemented the method more informative source of information for solving problems of technological design through the use of multivariate statistical analysis to reduce the dimension of the original data files, to simplify the solution of technological problems and to improve the accuracy of their results. Proposed and justified application of the cluster’s methods and discriminates analysis for classification, clustering and pattern recognition for solving problems of technological preparation of production.

A new structure and sequence of instrument’s production’s technological preparation with a formalized relationship machining and assembly facility is proposed. A model of the assembly products in the instrument making, which takes into account the complexity and specificity of assembly, adjustment and test papers and methods of computer-aided design technology instrument’s assembly. We propose a functional model of the product structure of complexity of assembly instruments, which allows you to create the assembly sequence, taking into account the organizational and technical factors. A system of technological preparation for accelerated assembly of products in instrument making "AsCAM" is created.