The multidisciplinary complex development of the distributed computing based on Web services

In the work the original technology for web-services development and deployment was created. Also the platform for efficient web-services execution and provision of services using web-services and high performance computing technologies was designed. The integrated system approach on the base of model-driven architecture approach modification was proposed. The approach allows shortening the development time and errors number in designed multicomponent distributed software suites and also organizing of high-performance environment using nondedicated computer equipment.

First developed models, methods and approaches to the planning, design, development and deployment of distributed information systems, in particular, the complex multi-level software model of distributed information systems, which departs from the approach MDA (model-driven architecture), a method of transition from the upper level - business process model domain to the bottom - computational processes flow execution of tasks. Using technology to create an original work developed and tested software and technology platform providing tools for building Web services with meta descriptions.

This approach makes the developed technology is particularly attractive for companies, mostly non-profit, who can not afford to buy the equipment for a computer or other type of cluster, while the fleet of personal computers and portable devices can be quite high computing power, significant amounts of short-term memory and storage of data or files and process them.

Архітектура гетерогенного середовища для розміщення і виконання високонавантажених веб-сервіс - компонентів розподілених інформаційних систем на основі Desktop-Grid
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