Development of tools for building complex multicomponent models

A toolkit for building multi-component models of complex evaluation of sustainable development was created. Tools developed as part of the intellectual system of data processing of World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development and interacts with other components of information analytical system of World Data Center. User interface based on thin client that provides an interactive graphical tool for constructing models and visualization of distributed multidisciplinary information and providing tools for its analysis was implemented.

The multidisciplinary complex development of the distributed computing based on Web services

In the work the original technology for web-services development and deployment was created. Also the platform for efficient web-services execution and provision of services using web-services and high performance computing technologies was designed. The integrated system approach on the base of model-driven architecture approach modification was proposed. The approach allows shortening the development time and errors number in designed multicomponent distributed software suites and also organizing of high-performance environment using nondedicated computer equipment.

Developing specialized knowledge bases for recursive parser of weakly connected originated natural language text information and Web-applications

Knowledge base for processing and structuring of natural - language information, which provides a recursive text parser, based on a new formal model of the structural level of organization of linguistic material,which provides a recursive scheme of organization that clearly defined an element of recursion - the basic semantic and syntactic structure, which is described by the extended model.