Methods to build platform-independent parallel computer-aided circuit design systems with Internet-access

The ways to develop distributed systems on a base of the service-oriented architecture is considered now as perspective ones due to some reasons. The main advantage of a SOA is that such architecture allows producing loosely coupled programs. Also a SOA is based on well-prescribed standards. The key term of the SOA is a service. Their usage makes developers’ work easier and speed it up since it allows not starting work from the beginning but creating new programs using already existing services.

The multidisciplinary complex development of the distributed computing based on Web services

Архітектура гетерогенного середовища для розміщення і виконання високонавантажених веб-сервіс - компонентів розподілених інформаційних систем на основі Desktop-Grid

In the work the original technology for web-services development and deployment was created. Also the platform for efficient web-services execution and provision of services using web-services and high performance computing technologies was designed. The integrated system approach on the base of model-driven architecture approach modification was proposed. The approach allows shortening the development time and errors number in designed multicomponent distributed software suites and also organizing of high-performance environment using nondedicated computer equipment.