Creation of control and measuring system for support of ultrahigh accuracy at production of precision details of devices

Created: technical proposals for making new control and measuring system to support ultra-high precision manufacturing of parts in the instrument-making industry, which provides precision machining of metal and extension of the automated milling equipment with CNC type CNC; new integrated control and measuring tools, the use of which enhances the precision coordinate measurement surface touching the tool to the workpiece during processing due regard to spatial errors, which allows a significant reduction of process cycle measurement; principles for determining the dynamic loads on equipment and cutting tools in high-speed Cut; basis to determine the coordinates of the touch of milling tools of complex shape to the workpiece side tape and butt that has not been resolved in the global science and practice of instrument.

Offered: basic principles of operation and schematics of the basic units and peripheral modules control precision and extend the service life of metalworking machinery, prevailing global standards in this area; algorithms for software systems that provide the possibility of extension of equipment.

Defined: basic methods of modern design tools based on the integration of cutting performance and test; design of test system to support ultra high precision methods use touch control system and extension of high-precision equipment that improves the efficiency of the process of manufacturing parts precision instruments in terms of metal working machinery of the system CNC.

Вимірювання люфта координатних рушіїв верстата за допомогою вимірювальної головки М-17 та плитки Йогансона
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