Інформаційно-вимірювальні системи

Creation of control and measuring system for position of cutting tools at workspace of the machine tools

The technical proposals for the manufacture of new information and measuring system based on the principles of two-parameter control and distance measurement and control positioning objects in the workspace of process equipment; methodology for new technology controls the distance the tool to the workpiece during processing on the basis of complex electromagnetic fields of different frequency ranges and combinations thereof, that is cross-checking the distance based on different physical principles of sensory modules; Principles of new technology controls the distance the tool to the workpi

Creation of control and measuring system for support of ultrahigh accuracy at production of precision details of devices

Created: technical proposals for making new control and measuring system to support ultra-high precision manufacturing of parts in the instrument-making industry, which provides precision machining of metal and extension of the automated milling equipment with CNC type CNC; new integrated control and measuring tools, the use of which enhances the precision coordinate measurement surface touching the tool to the workpiece during processing due regard to spatial errors, which allows a significant reduction of process cycle measurement; principles for determining the dynamic loads on equipment

Creation on besed Wavelet-transform of information measurement system for voicedata estimation and protection

One of the most informative human speech-creating organ for speech recognition problem is voice source that effects basic tone frequency of speech signal. According to researches, human hearing system uses basic tone frequency for speech recognition with high reliability, but it is sensitive to low-frequency noises – so appeared idea to use spectral characteristics of speech signal segments, where extremums of correlation function can be found, as additional features.

Development of interval methods with the use of conception of vagueness for the increase of exactness of estimation of results of the control measurings of parameters of informing signals

The new going is developed near the evaluation of exactness of results of measurings by the evaluation of their vagueness. This approach differs from the known (existing) evaluations of exactness of measurings, which it was assumed at, that constituents had normal distribution, which does not depend on the type of distributing of constituents, influencing on a result. For this purpose as an initial size the function of belonging, the special case of which is probability, which interval estimations, uniting subjective and experimental information, were got at, was utillized.

Creation of information and measurement system for cours and trim based on surface acoustic accelerometers

Experimtntal studies of information-measuring system showed prospects for use such  devices for  vehicle security system  and the  measurement of  stress-deforming state of railway locomotives. Combining them into a single complex with a satellite navigation systtmand a digital maps aliow to accurately determine the position of the car on the road.