New substances and materials

Resource-safe synthesis technology and finish treatment of high-temperature bearing materials on the basis of tool manufactures wastes.

There were processed new methods of using valuable secondary resources – grinding wastes of tool manufactures – steels Р6М5, Р6М5К5, Р6М5Ф3 for manufacturing effective composite sliding bearings of high-temperature using. New resources-safe technologies of synthesis and finish grinding of bearing composite from new materials have been developed.

Investigation of low-pressure discharges for elaboration of equipment and technology for pulse electron-beam evaporation and ion-plasma deposition of nanostructurized coatings.

 Obtaining of different coatings by electron-beam evaporation in vacuum is one of the most widely using methods. However, obtaining of coatings from multicomponent materials, as well as from chemical compounds, which are inclined to thermal dissociation, is really difficult with using of continuous heating during evaporation. For deposition of such coatings applying of pulsing evaporation by electron beam, generated in high voltage glow discharge with cold cathode, with activation of steam and gas fluxes in the evaporation zone by low-pressure discharge, is very perspective.

An Improvement of Ground Surveillance Optoelectronic System's Functional and Tactical Properties

The project is dedicated to current importance direction of instrument-making industry - the increasing of complex efficiency of infrared (IR) optoelectronic reconnaissance systems (OERS).

The prosecution of project consisted of three harmonized function boxes:

- mathematical modeling of information transformation in IR OERS, search of major links of the system, researches of the informative system behaviour under various conditions and at different influences;

Research and development of technological bases for increasing of efficiency plasma spray coatings with magnetic acts.

The base energetic  characteristics of plasmatrons on complicated gases mixtures are researched;  experimental researches of the role of electromagnetic fields on the formation gas-powders streams in the processes of plasma spraying  are fixed; working models of equipment are developed; influence of regime parameters on the results of the quantity of plasma coatings from the materials different physical nature  is studied; the main peculiarities of coatings are pointed out; technological recommendations on application of magnetic controlling of formation plasma coatings are proposed

The principles of mathematical models development and simulation of actuators and mechatronic systems

A new ultrasonic cavitation technology for plant material pectin hydrolysis- extraction was developed. Experimental studies for determine the main parameters of ultrasonic vibrations to provide effective realization of the process as a part of mechatronic systems. Physical and mathematical models of extraction were compiled. Necessary technological cavitation equipment as a part of mechatronic systems to realize the proposed technology was developed. Experimentally confirmed the high quality of pectin obtained with new technology.

The creation of the electromagnetic nanoinstruments for the diagnostic of the technological system accuracy for the production precision details

Mathematical models of the positional error in working place of technological equipment are creative. Dependence of the spatial error of the positional of cutting tool and detail at occurrence in coordinate system is defined. Properly this severely have an influence on accuracy for the production precision details. Mathematical models and expediency theirs use at creation of express-system of the positional error definition are creative. Properly mathematical models of the zonal precision, as well as principles and guidelines of this used in technological processes.

Development of natural gas consumption transducers with the use of computer technology parametric modeling

This work addresses the challenges of designing modern natural gas flow transducers (NGFT) for: measuring the natural gas rate and quantity in the technological preparation systems and natural gas transportation, measuring the natural gas rate utilities with a view to its commercial account when determining the amount of compensation for providing services; measuring natural gas rate, with the technical account in the process of the production.