Production composition material and coatings from self-fluxing alloys and waste products of cemented carbide

The essence of the project is to develop theoretical and technological foundations of structure formation and properties of composite materials (CM), and the products and coatings of them.

Consideration that the performance properties of composite materials significantly affect the properties of the components and their interaction in the process of manufacturing products and coatings of them. Therefore studied the interaction between these components to develop principle these processes and, consequently to obtain the CM and their products with specified properties. We studied the interaction of the processes of wetting and melt self-fluxing alloys based on iron (SFI) with sintered carbide (tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, WC) and iron and steel.

The regularities of obtaining thick coatings developed by the CM method of casting in the form and centrifugal casting, impregnation. A physical and mathematical models of these processes that can be used to optimize the conditions of manufacture products and coatings. Studied performance characteristics of the developed materials based on their composition and manufacturing conditions.

Using the data developed, we project of technological instructions for the production of goods and thick coating in the form casting and centrifugal casting.

The result of the design was developed and constructed by acting stand to obtain thick coatings on cylindrical surfaces. The design is developed and produced the current stand on the definition of the performance of the CM in a gas abrasion wear.

Схема установки для виробування матеріалів на газоабразивний знос
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