Development of energy saving technologies in gas turbines to produce electricity, heat and water in the arid regions of Ukraine

Intensification of the process of dispersing the liquid through the use of hot water made it possible to develop a new technology for the fine spray of water without using high initial pressure, which greatly simplify the system of water supply to the flow of cyclic air in order to implement a highly efficient process of evaporative cooling cyclic air GTE. The use of superheated water implements explosive boiling of the water jet exiting the nozzle, allowing to achieve the necessary quality of atomization without the use of high pressure nozzles and complicated construction. The result of the designed, constructed and tested under laboratory conditions for injector implementation evaporative cooling with hot water.

Experimental study of the evolution of the jet of superheated water using a stepwise consideration process from adiabatic boiling in the nozzle and finishing with the formation of drops at the outlet, it possible to obtain optimal geometrical and operational parameters of spraying hot water, and also to confirm the high efficiency of cooling the superheated water inlet a gas turbine engine.
Refinement mathematical model unsteady process of evaporation of droplets in view of evaporation of superheated water in a moving stream of air allowed to evaluate the time interval of the temperature relaxation of a single hot water drop, as well as analytically find the diameter of the droplet at the end of the cooling process according to the length of the portion of evaporation and the initial parameters of the water and air.

On the basis of researches the concept GTE cooling cyclic air using superheated water proposes and gives recommendations for the design of gas turbine inlet air manifold with superheated water spray system, which provide reliable and efficient operation of the compressor.

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