The creation of the electromagnetic nanoinstruments for the diagnostic of the technological system accuracy for the production precision details

Mathematical models of the positional error in working place of technological equipment are creative. Dependence of the spatial error of the positional of cutting tool and detail at occurrence in coordinate system is defined. Properly this severely have an influence on accuracy for the production precision details. Mathematical models and expediency theirs use at creation of express-system of the positional error definition are creative. Properly mathematical models of the zonal precision, as well as principles and guidelines of this used in technological processes. Offered theory allowed to creation of the draft design of technical documentation and experimental model of new class nanoinstruments as «Gradientometr», which is defined of zones of high precision on CNC-machine tool.

Прилад “Градієнтомір” для комплексної перевірки зонної точності верстатів з CNC