Resource-safe synthesis technology and finish treatment of high-temperature bearing materials on the basis of tool manufactures wastes.

There were processed new methods of using valuable secondary resources – grinding wastes of tool manufactures – steels Р6М5, Р6М5К5, Р6М5Ф3 for manufacturing effective composite sliding bearings of high-temperature using. New resources-safe technologies of synthesis and finish grinding of bearing composite from new materials have been developed. They are based of using powder metallurgy methods and following finish grinding.   Operating resource of  sliding bearings of materials on the basis of steels’ Р6М5, Р6М5К5, Р6М5Ф3 wastes were increased of 7-8 times in the comparison with analogues using now.

агальний вигляд натурних втулок різних типорозмірів з матеріалів на основі шліфувальних відходів сталей: а - Р6М5+5%CaF2