Kyrychok Petro O.

Theoretical and practical grounds of quality assurance of intaglio printe

The project is aimed to solve an important scientific and technical problem of ensuring the quality of protected printed products from counterfeiting: creation of scientific bases for color layers formation for metallographic printing (intaglio printing), which is the main type of printing for production securities, including banknotes. Based on theoretical and experimental research of, the scientific principles of purposeful quality management for products protected from counterfeiting have been developed.

Development of the eco-efficient and resource-saving technology for obtaining and finishing of wear-resistant parts based on waste silumins for printing machines

Developed environmentally efficient and resource-saving technology for producing and finishing fundamentally new wear-resistant composite parts for use in nodes of post-printing equipment based on the grinding of waste aluminum alloys - silumins with solid lubricant (or without) allows to manufacture new parts that wear resistance significantly exceed the known parts which operatt in similar conditions. Developed technology is based on the use of powder metallurgy processing steps in combination with precision machining of the friction parts’ working surfaces.

Making technology and precision processing of new bearing materials with increased wear resistance based on alloy steels wastes

Developed technology and precision processing of composite self lubricant bearing materials for heavy duty exploitation conditions based on alloy steels wastes with solid lubricant allows to manufacture new parts which essentially exceed known bearings over wear resistance for analogue conditions. Created technology is based at use of powder technological operations in combination with fine machining of friction parts.

Resource-safe synthesis technology and finish treatment of high-temperature bearing materials on the basis of tool manufactures wastes.

There were processed new methods of using valuable secondary resources – grinding wastes of tool manufactures – steels Р6М5, Р6М5К5, Р6М5Ф3 for manufacturing effective composite sliding bearings of high-temperature using. New resources-safe technologies of synthesis and finish grinding of bearing composite from new materials have been developed.