Theoretical and practical grounds of quality assurance of intaglio printe

The project is aimed to solve an important scientific and technical problem of ensuring the quality of protected printed products from counterfeiting: creation of scientific bases for color layers formation for metallographic printing (intaglio printing), which is the main type of printing for production securities, including banknotes. Based on theoretical and experimental research of, the scientific principles of purposeful quality management for products protected from counterfeiting have been developed. The regularities of ink layer formation on paper with watermarks during intaglio printing, parameters of technological process, optical, tactile, and operational properties of prints were taken into account. The implementation of the project is basis for a new concept of quality management f intaglio printing and improvement of technological processes of printing production. A significant applied result and practical value for the security of the financial system of Ukraine will be significant improvement in quality of securities.
The authors of the project conducted a number of studies on certain directions quality of securities, in particular: a) created a scientific basis for durability of banknotes, which should be developed and supplemented by studies of the relationship between peculiarities of intaglio ink layer formation and operating properties of prints; b) models of formation of ink layers on protected paper are developed, that count the appearance of ink layer elements, their position on the surface and in paper volume, dependence of their parameters on technological factors, especially properties of DLE intaglio printing plates.
Considering the mechanisms of formation of ink layers, their dependence on the properties of plates and other technological factors and the relationship with optical, tactile, operational properties of prints became the basis of a new concept of quality management of securities.

Theoretical and practical grounds of quality assurance of intaglio printe
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