Research and engineering the frequency selective devices on the basis of dielectric resonators of the infrared wavelength range

Electrodynamic models of scattering the electromagnetic waves on the systems of coupling dielectric resonators of the infrared wavelength ranges in the regular and the below cutoff waveguides as well as in the open space have been formulated. It`s developed electrodynamic models of the electromagnetic waves pulses are scattering on the systems of coupling dielectric resonators. The advantages of the proposed method are outlined. It showed a possibility of band stop and band pass filters creation on a basic resonances of dielectric resonators in the infrared wavelength ranges. S-parameters of represented filters have been determined. The main electromagnetic waves scattering mechanism on the dielectric resonator lattices in the open space have been researched. New structures most appropriated for the filters designing as well as for antennas, power splitters, concentrating devices and so on, have been founded. Scattering of basic kind of the shortest infrared pulses on the filters and lattices of the dielectric resonators have been studied. Emitting lasers as well as pulses and filters characteristics which would have guarantee allowing the optical communication systems passing and receiving errors decreasing was deduced. New kinds of high-Q spherical dielectric resonators covered by periodical structure of dielectric layers in the infrared wavelength range are proposed.

Призма циліндричних  діелектричних резонаторів
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