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Physical and technical foundations development of signal processing devices barrier micro- and nanostructures

The developed method of input impedance characteristics allows to obtain new knowledge about the wave properties of barrier micro- and nanostructures and, on this basis, new effective technical solutions. As an impedance-based method, it is universal for wave structures of any nature. The proposed and developed method of impedance -inhomogeneities combines the advantages of impedance approach and locally lumped properties of -function. For many structures solutions are analytical.

Research and engineering the frequency selective devices on the basis of dielectric resonators of the infrared wavelength range

Electrodynamic models of scattering the electromagnetic waves on the systems of coupling dielectric resonators of the infrared wavelength ranges in the regular and the below cutoff waveguides as well as in the open space have been formulated. It`s developed electrodynamic models of the electromagnetic waves pulses are scattering on the systems of coupling dielectric resonators. The advantages of the proposed method are outlined. It showed a possibility of band stop and band pass filters creation on a basic resonances of dielectric resonators in the infrared wavelength ranges.