New substances and materials

Development of die tooling configuration for realization of plastic deformation in cold forming of sheet metal and cold forging and obtaining products with increased reliability and durability

The classification of sheet metal processes and cold forging processes was made, the expediency of developing of new ways of forming which provide the productivity of manufacturing and the reliability and durability of produced products were grounded.

Working out of energy effective processes and the equipment for manufacture of different function polymeric pipes

Existing models and techniques of calculations of process of cooling of one- and multi-layered polymeric pipes of different function are analysed, the major factors influencing stability of process and quality of finished goods are considered. It is established that existing models and techniques concern only single-layered smooth pipes.

The development of a system of preventing emergency situations and their consequences for small manned and unmanned aircrafts

Analyzed the causes of abnormal and dangerous situation in the operation of unmanned aircraft and general purpose aircraft, manned by a single pilot. It is possible to determine the number of events that will lead to a decrease in dangerous situations during the flight of the aircraft: carrying out timely maintenance and monitoring of the physical and psychological integrity of the pilot at his control of the aircraft, correct and timely assessment of the weather conditions, applying for aircraft auxiliary / reserving devices and systems.

Developing technological foundations spot welding dissimilar materials with guaranteed quality connections

The essence of development is that for the first time in spot welding of dissimilar materials to enhance quality connections and guaranteed their support for a given level of applied external electromagnetic action. Their essence is that during the welding process each point in the working area generated transverse inter-symmetric magnetic field. In their interaction with the welding current in the melt volume arising ponderomotive force that it intensively stirred. Thus there is some positive effects.

Development of technology for forming bilayer, resources preserving, corrugated plastic pipe products

The process of forming the corrugation with different geometrical parameters is investigated. The analysis of the indicators formability and the ability of polymeric material for welding is executed. The dependence of the wall thickness of the corrugated pipe for sloping walls, for vertical walls, for high and low profile, for different shapes set at different angles of the walls forms, for different width and height corrugation, for different sizes of products is determined. The technology of forming a two-layer corrugated tube of thermoplastic material is developed.

Development of bases of creation of nano- and picosatellites as space microlaboratories.

Bases of creation of midget space vehicles  as space microlaboratories are worked out. Theoretical and experimental researches are conducted on creation of the systems of microsatellites, basic scheme-technical decisions are worked out, software is developed. The ground center of communication with microsatellites in the amateur range of frequencies for realization of space experiments is created

Design processing technique of reception focused films of nitride aluminium with piezoelectric properties for organization functional MEMS-structures in nanoelectronic meshes.

Past studies of the structure and physico-chemical characteristics of thin films of aluminum nitride (AlN) to create a functional MEMS structures. For the first time fulfilled technological regimes of synthesis of aluminum nitride oriented films by reactive magnetron sputtering on to ¬ uous stream using a mixture of ammonia and nitrogen and argon, which allowed to increase the synthesis of nitride compounds.

The creation of cast barriered shell for bimetalle and combined hydrogen-storage balloons

Analysis shows modern design balloons from austenitic steels, which they characterizes lack resistance to corrosion in a hydrogen environment. This leads to a «hydrogen degradation» of the vessel wall and loss of hydrogen in environment deference. There exists an technology of manufacturing the protective barrier membranes by coating the inner wall of the silver gold and copper, stainless steel, can prevent the penetration of hydrogen through the walls of the cylinders and to ensure reliability during their operation.

Development of discrete mathematical models of mixing and forming processes at preparation of new polymeric compositions.

The discrete mathematical models of processes of mixing at the unisothermal flow of fusions of polymeric compositions in the mixers ducting of static and dynamic types taking into account the change of their rheological properties from a deformation-temperature condition is developed. A method of the numeral computations of mixing processes of polymer fusions with other components in the mixers ducting of base configurations of extrusion and molding equipment is developed.