Development of die tooling configuration for realization of plastic deformation in cold forming of sheet metal and cold forging and obtaining products with increased reliability and durability

The classification of sheet metal processes and cold forging processes was made, the expediency of developing of new ways of forming which provide the productivity of manufacturing and the reliability and durability of produced products were grounded. New methods of manufacturing details by drawing with differential backup on workpiece’s flange with the help of liquid, manufacturing by swaging of tubular and hollow workpieces with bottom and counter-pressure on the inner surface of workpiece, producing by swaging of holes in the pre-shaped sheet workpieces and profiles, strengthening of metal around holes in sheet workpieces and profiles. The influence of technological and constructive parameters for high-productive forming of detail with increased durability and reliability was determined by calculation method. As an example, the productivity of extraction processes of hollow details increased in 2 times, the accuracy of shape and dimensions were increased. The new method provides obtaining details in one pass, details which until now has been impossible to produce. The new method eliminates defect formation as meridional folds. For flanging options were set that allow you to produce parts with a constant wall thickness (no thinning), as well as improve the accuracy of form and dimensions. As a result, the reliability and durability of connections between flanged products with other parts with the help of threaded connection and welding. The use forming of holes by cold forging, instead punching or machining, provides strengthening of the deformed metal, which is 2-3 times more than the existing methods of strengthening, and increases in an order the size of the deformation zone around the hole. This reduces the metal consumption on the prior formation of holes and increases the reliability and durability of metal, which are connected together by rivets.

For these processes the engineering theory of determination of parameters at the design stage of technology was developed. A number of new technological processes and designs of die tooling for high-productive manufacturing of details with increased reliability and durability by cold sheet-metal forming and cold forging, which have not analogues in Ukraine and abroad.

Спосіб та конструкція штампу для витягування з диференційованим радіальним підпором фланця заготовки
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