Kalljuzhny Vladimir L.

Development of innovative technologies for stamping shell casings for artillery shells for industrial enterprises of Ukraine

The project is designed to develop the latest, competitive technologies and designs of stamping equipment for the manufacture of artillery shells, which is relevant to increase Ukraine's defense capabilities. Technology development is performed in two directions. The first age includes increased productivity and cost reduction through the use of the latest developments in hot extrusion of hollow semi-finished products and hot and cold stamping by drawing with thinning and crimping at the end of operations.

Technological foundations of reducing the number of stages in the forming operations of drawing, reducing and bulging

Developed new technological foundations of obtaining the hollow articles by forming cold sheet stamping processes, including drawing, reducing and bulging. The novelty lies in the development of new methods of drawing, reducing and bulging, to create and use a special profiles deforming tool. Using this deforming tool provides a significant reduction of friction influence in the forming of articles, reduce deformation force and increase the degree of deformation in one stage.

Creation of the information technology of realization of intensive plastic deformation and surface strengthening of materials by manufacture of details for ensuring of reliability and durability of dies blocks

Information technology for determination of parameters at a design stage of manufacturing techniques of articles with ensured reliability and durability is created by methods of cold forging and a sheet-metal forming.

Development of die tooling configuration for realization of plastic deformation in cold forming of sheet metal and cold forging and obtaining products with increased reliability and durability

The classification of sheet metal processes and cold forging processes was made, the expediency of developing of new ways of forming which provide the productivity of manufacturing and the reliability and durability of produced products were grounded.