Technological foundations of reducing the number of stages in the forming operations of drawing, reducing and bulging

Developed new technological foundations of obtaining the hollow articles by forming cold sheet stamping processes, including drawing, reducing and bulging. The novelty lies in the development of new methods of drawing, reducing and bulging, to create and use a special profiles deforming tool. Using this deforming tool provides a significant reduction of friction influence in the forming of articles, reduce deformation force and increase the degree of deformation in one stage. Created mathematical models the processes of drawing the hollow articles made of sheet workpieces of different materials in radial and conical special profiles matrices, the processes of the reducing tubular and hollow workpieces with the bottom in conical and spherical matrices with special profile and the processes of the bulging tubular workpieces by conical punches with special profile. Using models and computer calculation analysis established constructive, technological and physical-mechanical parameters of these processes that provide decrease the number of stages of drawing, decrease the number of stages of reducing and increase the degree of deformation in one stage of bulging. Conducted an experimental research to obtain experimental samples of articles by drawing and reducing using the deforming tool of special profile. On the basis of research developed new high-performance processes drawing, reducing and bulging, and new construction die equipments for production at the existing press-forging equipment. Established engineering methods for calculating technical parameters of these processes. Developed recommendations for the use of the deforming tool of special profile.

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