Development of radio with gigabit bandwidth terahertz range for ultra-high distribution of access networks

An experimental model of a digital radio link with a gigabit bandwidth is functional in the terahertz range, and which can be used in a new generation of ultra-high switching of mobile communication networks for transmitting and receiving digital data at a rate up to 1 Gbit / c in the frequency range 128 - 134 GHz range communication within 1 km.
The developed software methods for the design of the main functional units of the transmitting-receiving channel radio link terahertz range. The research, adjustment and optimization of the individual functional units of the radio link. Established a block diagram of the experimental setup designed for the study of digital television signals during transmission by transceiver path of the terahertz range.
The possibility of radio relay lines to transmit signals in the terahertz range 137 DVB-C standard channels at a rate of 5.206 Gbit / s at a distance of 2.3 km, in the presence of amplification output power transmission path of up to 50 mW.
Implemented heterogeneous duplex operation with radio gigabit throughput in the terahertz range 130-134 GHz for testing in a laboratory developed test procedure.
Proposed technical solutions to create functional units receive and transmit paths with the pump at the fundamental harmonic and the use of quasi-optical and spatial power summation methods that will allow for the first time to create in the terahertz transmission (with an output power up to 5 mW) and the receiver (with the noise factor at the level of 10 dB) of the radio.
Grounded and offered technical solutions to improve the capacity and increase the coverage area of information and telecommunication networks using a telecommunication system in the terahertz range.
Results of work are introduced in educational process. A new section "Designing of radio-relay systems in the terahertz range" on the subject "Wireless telecommunications system TKS-1." Designed for lab workshop "Study of the transmission of radio signals for digital television microwave link terahertz range" on a subject "relay and tropospheric communication system." 4 patents of Ukraine for utility model and 3 of the decision to grant patents of Ukraine for inventions. Published 11 articles (of which 5 in journals included in the scientific-metric database Scopus and WebofScience index SNIP≥ 0,8 (SourceNormalizedImpactPerPaper), published 20 papers at international conferences 5. Protected by a master's thesis.
Development meets international standards. Novel schemes and technical solutions, and the technology of hardware and software for microwave frequency range 128-134 GHz line for transmitting nadvisokoshvidkoi (1.2 GGbit / s) digital data transmission. The results are used in conjunction with "Meridian" to them. Korolev (Kiev) as part of the work on the design of the instrumentation subteragertcovoj range and Odessa Regional Broadcasting Center (m. Odesa) (contract number C/986 from 20.06.2016 g) To create a transfer of funds to build nadvisokoshvidkisnih (more than 1 Gbit /s) transport distribution networks

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