Sol-gel synthesis of nanomaterials based on layered silicates for toxicants removal from waters

Highly effective sorbent materials were received with the help of modification of their surface by quaternary ammonium salts, inorganic polyhydroxocomplexes of metals and iron compounds for water purification contaminated with heavy metals and natural radionuclides. There were defined the basic principles of nanomaterials' synthesis on the base of dispersions of layered silicates with specified physical and chemical characteristics and structure. The basic physical and chemical regularities in the process of extraction of natural radionuclides (uranium) patterns and heavy metal sorbents synthesized from aquatic environment were received. The effectiveness of the obtained sorbent materials was verified and defined that the proposed use of nanomaterials allows to ensure a reduction of natural radionuclides in the water to less than 0.04 mg/dm3 that corresponds to the requirements of groundwater standards and confirms the effectiveness of the use of synthetic materials to protect the aquatic environment from pollution of uranium compounds.

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